FBX Membership Requirements

Discover the criteria for joining our exclusive network of family business leaders. Ensure your eligibility to access unparalleled resources and support.

Eligibility for FBX Membership

Eligibility for FBX Membership

To ensure a thriving community of like-minded family business leaders, FBX has established specific membership requirements. Review the criteria below to determine your eligibility for joining our prestigious network and accessing exclusive resources, support, and opportunities tailored to family businesses.

Business size

Family should have assets under management of at least US$ 30 MM.

Commitment to Values

Prospective members should demonstrate a commitment to the values of integrity, collaboration, respect, and professionalism outlined in the organization's code of conduct.

Willingness to Engage

Prospective members should be willing to actively engage with the FBX community, participate in events, workshops, and programs, and contribute to the collective learning and growth of the organization.

Industry and Sector

Membership may be open to family businesses operating in a wide range of industries and sectors, with diversity of industries and backgrounds contributing to a richer and more dynamic community.

Family business ownership

Membership is limited to individuals or families who have control over the strategic direction of the business and have or plan to have the next generation continue the business.

Ethical Conduct

Prospective members should have a track record of ethical conduct, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and a commitment to upholding high standards of corporate governance and business ethics.

Reputation and References

Prospective members should enjoy a good reputation and have a respected position in their industry. A review will be conducted by the Membership Committee assessing the prospective member's reputation, business practices, and checking references from other members or reputable sources.

Community Impact

The company is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the communities it serves

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