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FBX is an exclusive network for family business leaders, offering unparalleled support, resources, and connections for long-term success.

What is FB

FBX is a non-profit organization led by families, committed to empowering family businesses for long-term success across generations. Through a supportive community, we facilitate learning and knowledge sharing to foster personal and professional growth within family enterprises. By driving collaboration and innovation, we aim to create exponential impact within family businesses and their communities.

What is
Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create engaging and insightful learning experiences for families in business. We foster connections, growth, and collective impact in business, family dynamics, and broader communities, ensuring enduring success and harmony for future generations.

Family Empowerment

Family Empowerment

FBX empowers families in business through tailored programs and resources, enhancing both business success and family harmony. Our support helps families navigate unique challenges, fostering unity and growth across generations.

Collaborative Learning

FBX provides engaging, insightful learning experiences through workshops, seminars, and peer groups. By facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration, we help family businesses thrive and make a collective impact on their communities.

Collaborative Learning Background

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