Crafting Connections: Your FBX Experience

FBX offers a vast array of opportunities that transcend geographical, cultural, and generational boundaries. Tailored to the needs of your family business and its members, this unique experience is designed to make a significant impact on both your business and personal life.

Local Chapters and Events: Connect with Local Peers

Local Chapters and Events: Connect with Local Peers

FBX Members connect with peers in family businesses through our local chapters and engaging events. These gatherings offer a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, helping you build strong relationships with like-minded family business leaders in your region.


Family Engagement for Success: Empower Your Entire Family

FBX believes in engaging the entire family for holistic success. Members participate in family-centric events, workshops, and retreats designed to strengthen family bonds and foster unity. Our programs ensure that every family member, from current leaders to future successors, is equipped to contribute to the business's long-term prosperity.

Access to Expertise: Leverage Local and International Resources

FBX provides access to a wealth of local and international resources tailored to the specific needs of you and your family business. Our Members benefit from expert advice, specialized workshops, and consulting services that address the unique challenges of family businesses. FBX helps to enhance your business strategies with insights and support from a global network of professionals.


Strengthening Regional Connections in Southeast Asia

FBX is committed to building a robust membership in Southeast Asia, strengthening regional connections among family businesses. Join a vibrant community that fosters collaboration and growth across the region. Leverage regional insights, shared experiences, and collective expertise to drive your family business to new heights.


Exclusive Events

Invitations to private, high-profile events, conferences, and seminars where members can network with peers and industry experts.

Educational Workshops

Access to workshops and seminars focused on family business dynamics, succession planning, governance, and innovation.

Expert-Led Sessions

Sessions led by top business leaders, consultants, and academics offering insights into the latest trends and best practices in family business management.

Family Retreats

Organized retreats focused on strengthening family bonds and addressing the unique challenges of family businesses.


Expert Workshops

Members engage in workshops led by industry experts, tailored to address the unique challenges of family businesses.

Peer Learning

Members gain insights and strategies through peer learning groups, sharing experiences and best practices with fellow family business leaders.

Global Resources

Members gain access to an ever expanding repository of global resources, including case studies, research, and expert advice, to keep their family business one step ahead.

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